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Domain Name - How To Pick One Picking a domain name should be easy, right? Why I'll just use my business name. Not so fast, Sparky. A good bit of thought should be given to selecting a domain name.
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Difference between VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting If you are a fast-growing online business, then choosing the right hosting determines how well your huge pool of data can be stored and more importantly kept secured. VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting are two types of hosting that you, as an established company, can switch to.
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Own your Domain Before Your Competitors Do
Own your Domain Before Your Competitors Do Just because you purchased a domain name does not necessarily mean that you own it. Domain names are used to identify one or more IP address that is typed into the URL search bar. Companies have the ability to purchase multiple domain names, often relating to competition or services, and repoint the URL to point to their own website - this is why you should buy relating domain names before your competitors do! By owning multiple domains you will increase the overall traffic to your website and have higher visibility on search platforms.
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General Web Hosting FAQ’s In whose name you register domains? All domains registered with us are under the name of the clients.
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Want To Host A Blog? What Does Blog Hosting Need? Starting a blog is pretty simple, but the challenge is in keeping it rolling and keeping the updates coming. This means that you need to dedicate some time, effort and energy apart from the initial money that you need to put in. Once you get the ball rolling, you can keep your blog self sufficient by collaborating with other bloggers for content or advertising products on your website. This article deals with what are the basic essentials you need to start a blog for personal or business use.